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There is nothing wrong with a store limiting purchases to 8 of a card, especially if only 8 of the card are listed on their site at any one time.At such a point where you cease to be the most efficient option, you are a dinosaur and should be thrown into a Rocky Tar Pit.

Usually best not to push your luck when it comes to pre-ordering such large numbers from a single store unless you know for 100% certainty that the store is known for always filling any size of preorder.What if the list instead shows which stores cancel and then has a number beside the store which shows how many people have reported in the thread a cancellation.Big List of 250 of the Top Websites Like missteeqonline.tumblr. blue, kratom, wellness, river, best, reddit, quality, kanna, coupon. has the.MTGO ACADEMY - Magic the Gathering Online Strategy, Articles, Videos, and Cards: The prime source for Magic the Gathering strategy.

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Your job is to conduct the transaction in the most efficient way possible, not to ask my why someone just ordered 50 copies of Mortician Beetle.A store may have 40 available, but may only list 8 at a time.With MTG growing in popularity, this article is a touch out of date in a sense, but the core thoughts remain true for stores. Analyzed Sites at WhatIsDomain.Net

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Ordered from them 3 times and was jacked around (quite badly) 2 of those times.If the card shoots up after they buy it from me, or I wasnt quick enough on an adjustment, well, to me, I still sold them at a price I was happy at.The bottom line is that your commercial framework should ensure that no customer can take an action you are not willing to honor. Ever. Non-negotiable.Much better would be a list of stores known to cancel orders when the price goes up.

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Many people will read this and consider it unnecessarily harsh, but if you compare a store who abides by these rules to a store that does not, you will quickly see why they matter.The best tool for a business to use in order to limit speculation and maximize the amount of customers that are able to get certain cards whether upon an increase in demand or otherwise is to not list all of their stock of cards at any one time.Obviously having all of the information about the stores that cancel orders under such circumstances in one place makes it a lot easier to see.Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.That said, personally I dont presell anything, never have, really annoyed the heck out of some of my customers at the shop I used to sell at, because they were looking for deals.However, once I listed the cards on ebay, if I listed, say, 20 playsets of deathrite shaman or something, then if someone comes in and grabs up all 20 playsets, more power to em I always say.

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However I also NEVER do pre-sales, much as that has annoyed customers of mine in the past.I have a fairly large MTGO collection, going back basically to Onslaught.There are, unfortunately, a boatload of stores that have limits, especially 8, for example as an upper limit, or through the site specifically mention that they reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason (more or less).

Not a cancel, but it does run afoul of the spirit of Point 4 below) Monthly Magic Box 1 Yiz Games 1 Ebay Name: Mutant Marvel Smedlock.Michael Jacob is a two time US National team member, once US National Champion, leading TEAM USA to a Worlds title in 2008.Quote from Richard Arschmann Having a complete collection of Drake Tsui cards is like having a complete collection of STDs.

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Our site allowed you to buy as many as we had in stock but we also had something in our FAQ asking people to not buy more than 8x of a card without permission first.

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Personally I would rather have a list of the stores that are known for cancelling orders so I know who to avoid. Analyzed Sites at WhatIsDomain.Net

Personally I find it generally worthwhile to just look through the store discussion part of the forums here to see what people have had to stay about particular stores.

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You are simply a machine to make profit and mark up cards, and as long as you can do this while keeping satesfied the people who Feed the Machine, you may continue doing this.

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This is business, and if someone can get more stuff, cheaper, and more reliably, elsewhere, they will.

Maybe I just have no faith in the pre-order community, but damn.

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I see this problem a lot where shops cancel orders where a card has gone up in price or they do not fulfill preorders so I wanted start a list of sites, ebay stores, etc that do cancel an order for the above reason.

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Mtgo promotional cards on MainKeys.,Magic: The Gathering - Cards, Decks, and Strategy,Wizards of the Coast.Cardhoarder offers the best inventory, prices, and delivery of cards for Magic Online.Found this coupon code for 8% off your entire order while browsing MTGSalvation.Quote from dkingsland967 Actually I believe Troll and Toad has been guilty of this plenty of times.

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