Military can use expired coupons

Coupon shopping is a great way to save money, but many people often do not use all of the coupons that they clip.

Coupon Queen: Recycle expired coupons and help military

Military Families can use expired coupons for up to 6 months past the expiration date.This post may contain affiliate links. is an organization that arranges to have your expired coupons sent to military families.So you are still helping out!!.

Additionally, avoid sending coupons that are more than 30 days past their expiration date.Supreme Court Decision on Arbitration May Destroy Class Action Lawsuit.

How to send expired coupons to the Military

Avoid using rubber bands or paper clips when you are organizing the coupons.It was created to confront thought-provoking life issues, and subject matters large and small.Oversea military families can use the coupons at the on base.It is ONLY for military bases overseas that can use expired coupons.If you try that mess here in the USA then you will have a very ticked off cashier.US Military families who are currently stationed on overseas bases can use these coupons at.Looking for overseas military families who would like to receive coupons (possibly.

Expired Coupons! Overseas Military Families can use them

Our Men and Women overseas in the military are able to use coupons 6 months past the. if you have ever wondered what to do with those expired coupons, you can send.Learn how you can help families in the military stretch their grocery budgets by sending them your expired coupons.Our military members living overseas can use expired manufactures coupons up to 6 months after they expire.

To send expired coupons to the military, first separate out the coupons that you want to send.How to use those expired Grocery Coupons. to get a list of military bases that you can send your coupons.They can use them for 6 months past the expiration date (overseas only, not in the US).

Sending Expired Coupons to Military bases - Frugal Family


If you have expired coupons in your collection, the savings are not completely wasted.Address to send expired coupons to military overseas- Budget101 Discussion List I have been looking for the address ever since I found out that the commissaries.

Sending Expired Coupons to Military Families, by Grocery Coupon Network, YouTube.Before you throw your expired coupons in the trash, think of all the service men and women who give us the freedom to shop.You can also adopt your own base and send your coupons there by finding a base from the.Place the organized coupons into plastic baggies which are labeled food items and non-food items.Our base lists are CURRENT and kept up to date on a monthly basis.

Do YOU have Expired Coupons?! Send Them to US Military

Katie Van Dyke writes that coupons less than six months expired can be mailed to military families overseas.Next, separate and organize the coupons into two categories: food coupons and coupons for non-food items.

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