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Take a look at who the seller is who is selling the travel trailer.You will need your correspondence with the seller in order to do this.So the seller finally ships my order of purses but when I went back to the sellers page, all the items that they were selling are gone.The thing is, they did send a tracking number.Your social security number is never required to process a payment and you are correct you should never give out that information.

They will also ban sellers from using their service if they get too many complaints against them.Most of the information that is provided in the review comes from the AliExpress site.Unlike which caters to companies with large orders, provides products to both companies and individuals with no minimal order requirement.Yes you would think that using UPS and DHL would be safer because of the tracking numbers however if you read through the reviews you will find many comments about the seller providing invalid tracking numbers.Thanks for stopping by an sharing your insight and experience with AliExpress.If these same people had purchased on EBay they could put in a dispute ticket with paypal to have the situation resolved.The reviews of the shop owner are great, but somes told me they were falsified.But that html was a replica of other reputed courier company in UK.

To know a bit about the seller and if I could trust him, I decided to view his ratings, which were all 5 stars.SAw some negative feedback bout aliexpress and felt the need to explain something here.There is a very good chance you will lose your money and own a worthless piece of trash.

I had to take a real close look at these two sites in order to identify the main differences.In conclusion, I prefer to deal with Chinese suppliers directly, it is cheaper, and makes sense: why should goods transit through the US, which is building ever more border walls, and administrative red-tape, when I can get the goods directly from the manufacturer.

The Best Online Chinese Shopping Sites and Chinese markets

I am exploring AliExpress as a potential source of pearl strands, and have exchanged emails with a couple of suppliers with outstanding reviews.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with AliExpress.Terri, what do it mean when it says goods waiting for acceptance.

Your process will definitely help others to reduce the risk of purchasing goods, and to source reputable and trustworthy sellers.Ali Express is engaging in illegal activity as they are aware of the problem, it has contracted several MERCHANT ACCOUNTS, i.e companies who process credit card information, who engage in these phishing attempts.Got order confirmation same day and seller processed the order in 2 days.There are too many people who have been scammed on Aliexpress, and I had bought nothing yet from the site so I thought it was better to stay away from it.

I was told they only accept western union or TT bank transfer.Facebook Scams: Users Being Ripped Off By.,,,,, Is DealDash Legit Or A.It says their from China (Mainland) (Guandong) not from Fujian.I checked my account to see if the money had been debited and it had.

I was pleased with the first three items I received, but after the problems, lying, cheating, and delays over the last two, I would not recommend doing business with Ali Express until if and when they can clean up their act, hold their sellers more accountable and step up the communication and customer service.I also ordered additional items to go with that tablet, and that is what I have a problem with.Thanks for sharing your experiences, even though they have not been as good as you would expect from such a well-known company.One thing I try my best not to purchase are electronics and other gadgets.If you decide to purchase from AliExpress please take a few moments to come back and share your experience with us.Fakes are everywhere, and by that, I mean electronics, purses, wallets, clothing, accessories, etc.Bonnie try clearing the browser history on your computer then try submitting your dispute again.But why would they keep the page announcing the Hello Kitty pillow for sale on their site and in their store, then.

Another option is to contact your credit card company and see if you can dispute the charge.Best 9 Sites Like AliExpress for Wholesale Items Last updated:.In other words, if you dispute you give up your right to a refund.

Esam thanks for stopping by and posting your experience with AliExpress.If they have shipped the order then they have a tracking number and should be able to give that number to you.Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with Alibaba and AliExpress.Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with China.Your strategies can be helpful especially to those who are looking at placing large orders.

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